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Automatic Misting systems

Our misting system offers a permanent solution for mosquito control. The system is composed of a storage tank for the insecticide with a timer and motor and a system of nozzles placed around the area to be protected. The first thing we do is designate the area that needs protection and then we design a system of misting nozzles around that area. It can be your back yard, pool, patio, front door or any combination of them. The misting system is by far the best mosquito elimination program that we have. In most cases, we can effectively eliminate 90 to 95% of mosquitoes.

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What makes mosquito misting systems so effective is the way in which the insecticide is applied. Since misting systems automatically mist two or three times a day, every day, you constantly get a fresh dosage of insecticide that comes in contact with any new mosquitoes that might wander in.

The goal of a well-designed system is to create a complete zone of protection for your family. To effectively combat mosquitoes, you generally need complete coverage of the mist to create a defensive barrier.

In most backyards, you have a wooden fence, a patio, maybe playground equipment and a pool and/or an outdoor kitchen and then landscaping. To effectively install a misting system, we would first install nozzles along the fence and under the eaves of your home. This would completely surround your yard. Then, if needed, we would install some additional nozzles in or around your landscaping. By installing nozzles in this manner, the mosquitoes would have to pass through several treated areas to move through your yard.

Throughout the year, we will come out and refill the system every two or three months, as needed. with our Full-Service program, we will stop by monthly and check to see if all the nozzles are working. If any cleaning or repairs are needed, they are made. Most people elect to run the system year-round but it can be drained and winterized.