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We offer a Service Agreement for Everyone

Quality Mosquito prides itself in our service to our customers. We realize you have any choices when it comes to companies that treat for mosquitos and what everybody does, normally works. The difference is in the service after the sale. If your company doesn’t take care of your system and it runs out of insecticide or the nozzles get clogged and don’t work, then the mosquitos return. We offer 3 levels of service. Everything from our full service program where you don’t have to do anything, to the on demand program where we only come out to refill and repair the system if there is a problem to the DIY system where the homeowner does everything.

Full Service Program (Lifetime guarantee on all parts with no deductible)

This is our most popular service and in the long run, the least costly. In our Full-service agreement, we take care of everything for as long as you own the system and you are never billed for anything extra. Everything is 100% guaranteed! We come to your home every month and check your equipment. Several times throughout the season, we will drain your system and flush it out with fresh water and a mild cleaning solution to get rid of any algae or build-up. We will keep your tank full of insecticide. We will check all your nozzles to make sure they are working and replace any that are clogged or not spraying. If you experience a problem between our service calls, just give us a call and we’ll schedule a visit to fix the problem at no additional cost. If you don’t elect to run the system all year long, then, when mosquito season is over, we will come out and flush and drain all the lines and winterize the entire system. In the spring, we will come out and activate your system. We will check everything and make sure everything is working. If there are any nozzles that need replacing, we will replace them. If the motor or pump or timer needs repairing or replacing, that will be done. If you elect to keep the system on all year, we will do the annual service in the fall. You only have to do two things, pay the monthly fee (based on the number of nozzles in your system) and enjoy a mosquito free back yard! A bonus to the full service program is that we will give you 2 backpack treatments any time throughout the year at no cost to you. So, if you are having a big outdoor event and you want the extra protection, just give us a call and we’ll come out and treat your yard.

On Demand Program

If you don’t want the full-service program, we also offer the On-Demand program where we come out to your home only when the tank needs filling (about every 2-3 months). We will check the nozzles and replace any that are not working and perform any need repairs or service. You will be billed for the service call and any repairs.Normally the On Demand Program is slightly less costly than the full service program unless something big breaks like a motor or timer. The downside is, is that if something goes wrong, then you need to notify us and we will schedule a service call.

DYI Program

Our DYI program puts the homeowner in charge. You do everything. Once we install the system, we will go over everything with you on how to do everything. We will sell you the replacement nozzles, the insecticide and all the parts for you to do all the refills, service or maintenance. If you should have an issue you can’t handle, then give us a call and we’ll schedule a service call. All you pay for is what you buy and any service call, if needed. We do recommend that once a year the system gets a complete cleaning. You can do it yourself or have us come out and do it.

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